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fakeuser [brony] replied to a thread
03-15-2019, 12:54 AM

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The Tank Is Empty - Omniscient
Omniscient posted a thread regarding Bitcoin. He is predicting that BitCoin will drop to around $1300 per Bitcoin within a week. Quote on Quote saying "$1300...you heard it here first." >>Source

Massive Rep Kill - Omniscient
A good amount of Users were Rep Killed over the last week or so, for getting involved with Group / Gang Repping. Around 9 members were Rep Killed, one of them losing over 2k Reputation. Omni has sure reminded the community that we will not stand for any abuse.

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  • 7up™ was banned for leaving invalid scammer reputations.
  • heartthrob was banned for advertising a competing site.
  • Caleb™ was banned.

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Interview - Brenton[spoiler=]

boxxy: Hello and welcome to the 342nd edition of the HF News. Before we begin, would you like to make any shoutouts?
Brenton: Shoutout to Pope! My boy, we started on HF together. Shoutout to all the new REKT members. Let's get it!

boxxy: Let's get it. I'd like to first start off the same way I start off every other interview. What brought you to HackForums, and what keeps you coming back and remaining active?
Brenton: It's the community, I joined because all of the buzz around HF. I think the fact that HF is so diverse keeps me here. I joined HF to sell in the social media market, (I don't do that anymore) but still stick around to give back and offer my insight. Lately i've been doing huge member upgrade contests, in February I upgraded 30 members. I feel like this is how we keep the site active. I'm in the innuendo section quite a bit, HF is full of crazy stories and it's a great way to spend my evening after work. People join HF and quickly realize that if they have a legitimate question, they'll get a real answer. That's what I like the most. Let me tell you I am super happy to see the old userbars make a return. As a user that's been here for a while I was excited.

boxxy: Very interesting, thank you. We as a community want to keep Hack Forums well and growing, but not everyone can afford to do tons of giveaways. Any other tips or advice for making Hack Forums continue to grow?
Brenton: I definitely agree. It's not something everyone can do. As I said earlier, one of the real benefits of HackForums is getting a real answer when a real question is answered. I believe the site relies on the community, and if we continue to offer our insight and our humor we give HackForums it's best chance. When someone upgrades, they're almost pledging to remain active. Along with this, as users of the forum I feel it's our responsibility to take advantage of the suggestions subforum. Omni is constantly working to make the site better but we also have some very bright minds here and I truly believe if you have an idea that will make HackForums even greater, you should speak up. Now of course along with all of this, promoting HackForums will also lead to growth. You don't need to have money to enjoy HF & you certainly do not have to be a "hacker" to enjoy the community. By spreading the word of the forum, we also bring awareness. At the end of the day, we can only do so much but HackForums is still growing strong and everyday more and more people are finding out about it. To sum it up, I believe it is our responsibility to spread the word and bring awareness. If we do this, we will see growth. We're already 10 years strong! Let's get more members who maybe aren't into selling instagrams and gamer tags. Let's try to get people who join for the lounge and for our gaming forums.

boxxy: Yes, I agree well put. 10 years is a great milestone for Hack Forums indeed. You've been here for a bit, do you think Hack Forums as a website/community is progressing or regressing?
Brenton: I think we're progressing. We're adjusting to the changes in the market. HackForums was always really focused on the marketplace & in the recent years its focus has shifted. With the various new currency is coming out we are building discussion in and growing into something that was never present before. we are introducing new user groups in new memberships that we never had and I think that's a sign of progress definitely. I will say that when I first started it did feel a little different I think my focus was different at the time I didn't really look at hack forums as anything other than a marketplace. I think in the way of general discussion we are progressing or form is growing into more of a community where we can talk about anything whether it's something that has to do with health or whether it's music. I even find myself asking motorcycle questions to members that I find. I'm a motorcycle enthusiast and I'm even meeting people who live in California and ride. I'm happy with where we are and where we're are going. As long as we're not at a stand still we're good.

boxxy: Hmm indeed we are changing quite a bit. If you could change anything about the website, what would you change?
Brenton: I feel like one of our biggest issues was the lack of respect given to newer users. I feel like this impacts us as a site and as a community. If I could change anything, it would have to do with the way we interact with new members. If we want our site to grow we have to encourage individual growth. Let's face it, many of our members are young. We need to realize this. We're talking about growth and the only real growth on paper comes from number of users and posts. It's easy to take higher power when someone has rep and a userbar. As far as what I would change on the site function wise, I'd love if we were able to safely trade without hassle of a middleman. Omni has introduced it but i'd love to see it. A trading system that one can submit a text file into, prevent scamming and encourage new selling.

boxxy: Very good points. I want to switch things up a bit. Have you ever met anyone from Hack Forums in real life, and/or has Hack Forums benefitted you in real life in any way? Explain.
Brenton: I have not! I've always been down to meet up with people but haven't been successful with setting anything up yet. If y'all are in LA and want to meet up, let's get it!!!! & I've benefitted in HF in a few ways. My first car was bought because of earnings from HF! It was a brand new civic ( nothing special ), but either way i've made money. That's why I give back!

boxxy: That's what's up though, very impressive. Do you have any tips for new users, or just anyone in general trying to earn money here on Hack Forums?
Brenton: The market on HF, as with any market.. fluctuates. To make money you have to be on top of it, you have to know when to invest & when something is going to blow up. With making money online, my biggest advice is to be patient. you'll see your money unfold and grow in front of you.

boxxy: Very true, plenty of room for a lot of profit here. Before we wrap this up, thank you for your time and the interview. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Brenton: I just hope for more future of growth here on HackForums and I'm glad to be a part of the site. thank you for interviewing me!


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