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This is a wider test for vulnerabilities.

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Elitas replied to a thread

Just made this thread to test something for my bud. Please ignore this for now.

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I love Xerotic.
What a great guy.

Lets test this plugin! Big Grin

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03-26-2018, 09:52 PM
(-1)get rekt noob

Showing under each post. You need to hook it to either a delete button template or an edit button template if that exists so it is hidden for users who don't have editing privileges.

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Elitas replied to a thread

I can't just point out everything's that great hehe.

I think that the above part can get messy really easily:
- https://i.ipixls.net/4cFH97b.png

Maybe try to melt some part together and make the PM notification stand out?
- https://i.ipixls.net/NKchMas.png

Can't suggest a proper idea.

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I agree with Maxim. It does feel a bit messy at times.
Elitas replied to a thread

Can you make this the background?

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(02-12-2018, 10:48 AM)Phixel Wrote:  Problem with doing something like this is that on a large site, even a small image, when repeated 100's of times accross a page is going to cause slower loading when the amount of people on HF will be using. Ultimately Omni's decision/community. I don't think my voice should stand as much as you think, I'm an individual entity, and most of what I have done has been community or Omni's word as much as possible simply to me trying to cater to that Smile

Nah, it downloads the image once. That shouldn't take much time.

Then the CSS repeats it multiple times; that depends on the power of the machine, won't take long at all tbh..

Will the templates be the same for both themes or different? This i s important for testing: just CSS or are pages important too. I assume its different templates but just curious.

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Not showing right. It's leaning too far to the right.

I can't post a pic right now (know that can be annoying). Will tty and update this with a pic soon.

Same issue when making this thread actually. Doesn't prevent me but makes it difficult. Also limits Smiley's I can use.

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Elitas replied to a thread

As seen in the attachment, most of the thread titles are cut off

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Yeah, they could be extended a bit more.