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This is my new home.

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Hi maxim I think you are cute
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Testing expired invoices.

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Gimmi dem auto pay stickies boi :P

Medical benefits
“For example, a recent meta-analysis of six randomized clinical trials of treatment for alcoholism conducted between 1966–1970 found that a single dose of LSD [acid] reduced the probability of alcohol misuse almost two-fold relative to comparison conditions (Krebs and Johansen, 2012).”9 20
There is less medical research into LSD (acid) vs psilocybin (shrooms), because psilocybin is less stigmatized, and psilocybin also has a shorter duration, which is easier for researchers as with psilocybin they can spend more like 8 hours with a participant instead of having to spend ~16 hours with the participant.
Researchers are also interested in studying LSD microdosing, which involves taking around 10 micrograms of LSD, often with the goal of boosting mood or boosting productivity / entering a flow state. See this article for more.
With psilocybin (we would expect similar results for LSD) for cancer-related emotional distress, “83 percent said it [psilocybin + psychotherapy] increased their well-being or life satisfaction moderately or very much, and 89 percent said it lead to moderate, strong, or extreme improvements in their behaviors. Of the 90 total sessions conducted during the study, none were rated as having decreased well-being or life satisfaction.”11